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Philosophy & Vision

Chang-Shin E&P is a company that specializes in environment and facility plant
We will do our best until the company with technology and creativity, there is customer satisfaction.

Company that priorities the nature and the environment above anything

“Environment pollution” refers to the phenomena that damage the natural environment or everyday environment due to atmosphere, water quality, soil contamination and noise, vibration and others that result due to human activities. Problem called environment pollution such as ozone layer destruction, earth warming, desertification, tropical forest destruction, acid rain was born due to the drastic advancement after the industrial revolution. As a result, we are feeling our life threatened by the nature.
To prevent further pollution, the company is creating facility that is economically viable and also that meets market demand with considerable effort and research based in the management philosophy of creating “a company that is responsible for my family’s environment”. Going forth, Chang-Shin E&P will continue to be a company that tries its best until the customer is satisfied by utilizing its technological prowess and creativity.

With truth - company based on honesty and trust​, To the future - the company that leads the future environment, To the world - cultivation of competent world-class human resources