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Atmosphere area

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Device’s principle

This is the device that separates and collects the particle in the gas with the centrifugal force that reacts on the particle by carrying out rotating movement in dirty gas. The most representative device is the CYCLONE. When amount of gas for treatment is considerable and when high dust collection efficiency is required, there is the MULTI CYCLONE that is used by connecting many cyclones in a row when it comes to the light caliber (mostly 100mm ~ 150mm cyclone). CYCLONE in flows the gas within the scope of 7~15m/sec, and 100H2O pressure loss results when the entrance fluid velocity is about 12m/sec. Treatment effect decreases when the gas viscosity that passes though the inside is smaller and when the Entrance gas speed and particle’s density level are greater.


  • - Low installation cost.
  • - Used for pre-treatment of highly functional dust collection device.
  • - Ease of operation and maintenance repair.
Wooden space, mill, cement plant, power generation plant, refinery

Multi cyclone

Model No. Hi Unit Cyclone
Unit Cyclone
Unit Cyclone
배열(행 X 열)
CHS-MCY100 1400 16EA 4 X 4 970L X 970W 2450 10HP
CHS-MCY200 1500 30EA 5 X 6 1195L X 1420W 2700 20HP
CHS-MCY300 1600 49EA 7 X 7 1645L X 1645W 2980 30HP
CHS-MCY400 1700 64EA 8 X 8 1870L X 1870W 3160 40HP
CHS-MCY500 1800 72EA 8 X 9 1870L X 2095W 3450 50HP
CHS-MCY600 1900 90EA 9 X 10 3095L X 2320W 3670 60HP
CHS-MCY700 2000 100EA 10 X 10 2320L X 2320W 3820 70HP
CHS-MCY800 2100 121EA 11 X 11 2545L X 2545W 4000 80HP

※ he above mentioned motor power number was designed using wind pressure of 250mmAq as the standard.