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Chang-Shin E&P is a company that specializes in environment and facility plant
We will do our best until the company with technology and creativity, there is customer satisfaction.

Chang-Shin E&P is
A company that specializes in environment and facility plant.

Chang-Shin E&P is with customers.

Chang-Shin E&P is a water quality, atmospheric pollution prevention facility business.

Although Korea is enjoying rich life due to the high growth centered economic development,
environment pollution lies on the other side.
Human beings are being attacked with the water that human beings drink and the air that they breathe in.

As these problems are aggravating every day, the land, water and air that we will hand down
to our children are becoming increasingly desolate.
Accordingly, Chang-Shin E&P executives and employees is making incessant effort and research in order to
contribute to the environment pollution prevention, even if the contribution level may be rather small.

As for the waste water, waste water treatment device can be designed and built in the most economic manner to suit product characteristics and
usage when it comes to the sewage, waste water, and water treatment device. Moreover, the company develops and installs dust collection facility and
Mist Collector that can remove existing dust and Fume and others as well as treatment facility (research facility) based on the oxidation that
can remove VOC which is emerging as a serious problem today in the most effective manner, faster than other companies in the atmosphere area.

Moreover, the company is contributing to the businesses’ productivity enhancement and production process improvement by conducting research and
developing technologies in all types of facility plant areas such as plant production line automation and production process improvement.
To this, our company will supply outstanding products with incessant R&D and strict quality control.
Thank you.

Chang-Shin E&P CEOLee Ho-Joon