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Overview & History

Chang-Shin E&P is a company that specializes in environment and facility plant
We will do our best until the company with technology and creativity, there is customer satisfaction.

창신이앤피(주) 회사개요
Company name Chang-Shin E&P co.,ltd Date established 1995. 03
CEO Lee Ho-Joon Capital 20 billion
Staff 250 people Homepage
Business Area Water quality contamination prevention facility,
Atmosphere pollution prevention facility, Qater quality, entrusted atmosphere management,
Facility plant (road automation facility, production process automation facility, others)
Location (Sinsan-ri 578-2) Sinsanro 19, Sanan-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
Contact Tel/055-582-5818,5881    Fax/055-582-5884

2008 years

  • 05 /
    Acquired certificate of technology innovation type of small and medium sized company (INNO-BIZ)
    (Head of the Kyeongnam Regional Small Medium Business Administration)
  • 03 /
    Patent application
    (focused waste water treatment device: Patent No. 10-0628881)
    Patent application
    (high effect multi cleansing type dust collection device: Patent No. 10-0717430)
  • 01 /
    Certification for company attached research center
    (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    ES BN ISO 9001:2000 certification (CCAS)

2007 years

  • 01 /
    Changed registration as atmospheric pollution prevention facility business
    Changed registration as water quality prevention facility business
    (water quality-22)

2006 years

  • 12 / Changed name to Chang-Shin E&P
  • 11 / Moved to Haman Sanin Agricultural and Industrial Complex

2000 years

  • 04 /
    Atmospheric pollution prevention facility business registration (No. 152)
    Water quality prevention facility business registration (No. 139)
    Incorporated to Chang-Shin Environment Plant

1995 years

  • 03 / Chang-Shin environment plant established