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Water quality area

Chang-Shin E&P is a company that specializes in environment and facility plant
We will do our best until the company with technology and creativity, there is customer satisfaction.

Sewage treatment and
waste water treatment

Chang-Shin environment plant carries out works ranging from design, construction and trial operation to preserve water resources and to contribute to increase in everyday life level for the general public by treatment public waters, buildings’ sewage and waste water effectively
Plating waste water, food waste water, chemical plant’s waste water, semiconductor waste water, leather waste water, paper manufacture waste water, car wash waste water, power generation plant’s waste water, waste water advanced treatment, treatment facility, waste water regeneration facility, other waste water treatment facilities

Waste water treatment

Chang-Shin environment plant will be responsible for your company’s waste water treatment in line with diverse types, diverse requirements.
Building waste water treatment, apartment waste water treatment, end of pipe treatment area, sewage treatment area, waste water regeneration system and others

Water treatment

Chang-Shin environment plant supplies the best automated facility at the most economically affordable price by utilizing the highly sophisticated treatment technology that suits product characteristics such as pure, soft water and others when it comes to the clean water such as city water, industrial water, underground water and others.
Ultra-pure production device, pure production device, soft water production device, high level treatment area