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Water quality area

Chang-Shin E&P is a company that specializes in environment and facility plant
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Device’s principle

His is the process that follows waste water treatment. This is installed with the goal of removing remaining organic matter, ABS,
de-coloration, deodorization and others. This is the device that processes by using the absorption principle based on the granular active carbon.

Reaction principle

All types of contaminants’ absorption treatment takes place when this place is since there are extensive porosity within the granular active carbon.
Waste water treatment area, purification site, purification of waterworks water, purification of the water in swimming pool, industrial water’s pre-treatment

Processing unit and

처리수량 및 규격
Model No. Flow Rate
Media Volume
CHS-AC100 10 970 1830 50 700  
CHS-AC200 20 1360 1830 65 1400
CHS-AC300 30 1530 1830 80 2000
CHS-AC400 40 1920 2500 80 2800
CHS-AC500 50 2200 2500 100 3700
CHS-AC600 60 2420 3000 100 4500
CHS-AC1000 100 2850 3500 150 6000